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Our Story

In 2019 I travelled to Thailand for two weeks. Unfortunately, due to my many misconceptions about skincare and lip care I failed to use any form of protection during the scorching hot weather. I endured bad sun damage to my skin but most shockingly to my lips. I tried for months trying to reverse the effects with no success. 

You see our lips are one of the most delicate and thinnest areas in our body. There are only 3-6 layers of the cell on our lips in comparison to 16 layers elsewhere in our body - this means our lips are more susceptible to damage, trauma and pigmentation changes. 

I was keen to restore my lips, but first had to understand lip care and suitable ingredients that can drive results and are also non-toxic. It took months but I formulated a lip remedy kit that yielded noticeable results and restored my confidence in 4 weeks.

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Our Why

Tenol was born out of a need to create an essential skin and health brand tailored to individuals who want effective regimes which are simple to use.

Our Mission

Creating solutions not illusions.

Our Ingredients

Our use of natural botanical ingredients is globally sourced to treat common health and skin conditions.

Ingredient List

Natural ingredients

Vegan and cruelty free

Paraben free

Our Product

Our lip remedy kit focuses on repairing imbalanced pigments on the lips caused by smoking, hyperpigmentation, sun damage or genetics. We have sourced powerful natural ingredients that work together to create a vegan-friendly product that can be applied safely on the lips.