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noticed visible changes to their lips*

*Changes seen within 4 weeks. Results from consumer survey


Lips before and after using Tenol Lip Remedy Kit regularly for 4 weeks*



I’ve tried different products in the last few years to help correct my hyperpigmentation but none worked like Tenol.
The exfoliator removed my dry skin and kept my lips soft and plump.

We use natural botanical ingredients


Customer reviews

O Adeleke

Huge confidence booster

I've tried different products in the last few years to help correct my hyperpigmentation but none worked like Tenol.

E Chambers

Love the lip balm treatment

I started using this about a week ago and I can see less drying and my lips feel rejuvenated and brighter.

H Morgan

This is actually working

This lip balm is my favourite. After using it for the past 5 days, my lips are much brighter. I would happily buy it again.


It's made a huge difference

The lip kit has made a huge difference. I also used the Tenol gel exfoliator then applied Tenol lip remedy balm. Thank you very much. I have mentioned to some family members about your product!


Significant improvement

I was a bit hesitant in using the lip balm for my discoloured lips, however after 3 weeks i noticed significant improvement to my lips and my discolouration was less visible


Helps to rehydrate my lips

I have extremely dry lips however the gel exfoliator helps to rehydrate my lips and is gentle on my lips.


Boosted my confidence

I just quit smoking and was conscious about my lips. The lip remedy balm has reversed the effects of smokers lip and boosted my confidence

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