टेनोल लिप रेमेडी किट - रिवर्स लिप हाइपरपिग्मेंटेशन और रिपेयर लिप्स

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बिक गया

हमारी लिप रेमेडी किट हमारे शक्तिशाली लिप रेमेडी बाम और लिप एक्सफ़ोलीएटर को जोड़ती है। हमारा लिप रेमेडी बाम धूम्रपान, हाइपरपिग्मेंटेशन, सूरज की क्षति, या आनुवांशिकी के कारण होंठों पर असंतुलित पिगमेंट की मरम्मत पर केंद्रित है। हमारा लिप एक्सफ़ोलीएटर जेल शुष्क, परतदार त्वचा को कम करके और उन्हें अधिक युवा लुक देकर आपके होंठों की बनावट में सुधार करने में मदद करता है।

हमने शक्तिशाली सामग्रियां प्राप्त की हैं जो महत्वपूर्ण परिणाम प्रदान करती हैं।

लिप रेमेडी बाम संघटक सूची

जेल एक्सफ़ोलीएटर संघटक सूची

हमारे सभी उत्पाद शाकाहारी-अनुकूल हैं। हम सबसे प्रभावी और प्रतिक्रियाशील होंठ देखभाल व्यवस्था के लिए लिप रेमेडी किट की अनुशंसा करते हैं।

परिणाम देखने के लिए कृपया लिप किट का उपयोग 2-3 सप्ताह तक करें।

आपको यह भी पसंद आ सकता हैं

Customer Reviews

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It does what it says!

It does help with hyperpigmentation of lips and I have noticed it after a couple weeks. The tube is also practical as I can use it on the go. Not sure what the name means but it is catchy.

Worked! 4 weeks

I followed the instructions on the QR code. I didn't religiously use it though and the results are amazing. I've tried everything over the years. I don't really like wearing make-up etc but my lips have always been a reason to as I hated them. After 2 weeks I noticed a massive difference compared to all other products and things I have tried. I was someone who also was constantly putting lip balms on as my lips were so dry. I rarely have to put anything on them after 4 weeks. Will be ordering more. Please don't stop making this product! I love it and my lips look and feel amazing. Thank you!


Not too sure been using this for 6 weeks not really seeing a difference and my lips are very dry and peeling a lot, is this supposed to happen?

Lack of info

this was bought for me as a gift, but i have to say it’s extremely worrying that there aren’t ingredients list available for these products. we could literally be putting anything on our lips. for good practice sake and for your audience, please rectify this as i am very interested in wholesale 🫶🏾

Hi Marley
The ingredient list on the package, it requires you to scan the digital QR code and it will link you to the the ingredient page.

Hope this helps!

D Josiah
As a smoker

As a smoker I've been conscious of having darkened and dry lips, and I've been looking for a solution for years.